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July 22, 2021 2023-02-17 1:34

Facebook Group Auto Poster

GroupAutoPoster is a cloud based app that can auto post to all Facebook groups (Groups you manage and Groups you've joined) for you.

Why GroupAutoPoster is
the Best Facebook Automation Tool


Effective Auto Poster

A real working Facebook Auto Poster and Group Poster tool.

Easy to Use

It's the easiest app to use, even for someone who do not know much about computers.

Real Human Support

Need help with anything? Just reach our support team and they will take care of it.
Easy, Effective & Efficient

What is GroupAutoPoster?

GroupAutoPoster is a Facebook Auto Poster web-based app that can help you post to Facebook groups, pages, and profiles on autopilot.

GroupAutoPoster can minimize your marketing costs and save your time while helping you get more exposure and sales.


Post to hundreds of Facebook Groups with One click!

With GroupAutoPoster, you can just create a post and select all groups you want to post to and click Send. It'll auto post to all selected groups on your chosen time.

GroupAutoPoster is one of the only tools that allows auto posting to joined Facebook groups.

Not only that, you can also connect multiple Facebook account with the GroupAutoPoster tool and then auto post to groups from all of those accounts to reach thousands of potential customers/leads without actually having to do anything manually!

Are you a business owner? Facebook Group Poster can help you grow.

Whether you are a digital marketer, a blogger, a local offline store, a service provider like a plumber or electrician, whatever you do, GroupAutoPoster is a perfect fit for you. 


Target Potential Customers

GroupAutoPoster can advertise your business on right Facebook groups for you and target potential customers, on AutoPilot.

Reach More and More People

Facebook is the most used social network in the world, there are Billions of users and you can reach more and more people with GroupAutoPoster.
Sell anywhere

GroupAutoPoster Makes It Too Easy To Post To Facebook Groups

Add your message

Add your message with link, image, or video, whatever you want to post to GroupAutoPoster.

Select Groups to Post to

Select all groups and pages you want to post to and select the time you want them posted.

Sit back and relax!

Let GroupAutoPoster post your message to your selected groups at your selected time on autopilot one at a time.

Facebook Posting Made Easy

Facebook Poster & Scheduler

GroupAutoPoster is a powerful tool for posting and scheduling your posts to your multiple Facebook profiles, Facebook groups (including joined groups) and Facebook pages.

GroupAutoPoster can be used with multiple Facebook accounts and you can create unlimited schedules for future postings in one go and let your messages being posted to your chosen groups or pages automatically.

Save time, save money

A Perfect Time Saver

How would you feel if there was a tool which posted about your product, store, website or any business you have to hundreds of Facebook groups and you did not have to do anything? It would be your perfect business partner that saves your time and gives you great results. 


Facebook Auto Poster with Unique Features


Not only Groups, also Auto Post to Managed and Liked Facebook Pages

GroupAutoPoster is not only for posting to Facebook groups, you can also auto post to your managed Facebook pages and Facebook pages you've liked.

So you can schedule posts to your managed Facebook groups with one click and have them posted automatically for you. 

Auto Join Facebook Groups

Not only can you post to all your joined Facebook groups with the GroupAutoPoster, you can also auto join groups based on keywords.

So you can automatically join relevant groups and start posting to them, without actually doing anything yourself. Just add your keyword and it'll start joining groups.


Smart Posting features to post effectively and without getting any issues.

GroupAutoPoster has Smart Posting built-in that includes time delay between each post, auto pause posting after x number of posts, adding unique IDs to posts and links, Spintax, and more options to make your posting so much safer than posting unorganized manually.

Reach your targeted audience

Not everyone is going to be interested in your product or services or whatever you want to advertise. With GroupAutoPoster, you can target just the groups interested in said topic and reach just the people who will be interested in your product or services.

What do successful
businesses have in common?

They don't do menial work. They know how to work smartly. They use TOOLS like GroupAutoPoster which automatically advertises their business on Facebook while they work on other important things!

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now

Can I really post to all groups I have joined?

Yes, you can post to all groups you have joined and are a member of. 

Can I post images and videos?

Yes, you can upload videos to GroupAutoPoster file manager and post them.

Note: Basic plan doesn’t allow video uploading or posting.

Are there any discounts available?

Unfortunately not. All our current prices are really really low compared to any simple social media planner as well, so it’s not possible to provide any more discounts. 

Why is there no free trial?

GroupAutoPoster is a unique tool that we made by working for many months and it takes many resources and fail-safes to make the system work properly for our serious customers.

So to protect the system from abuse and keep it working for serious users who really need this, we do not offer any free trials.

Is GroupAutoPoster web based app?

Yes, it’s a web based app that you can use with any web browser on any device.

Do you provide customer support?

Of course, you can reach our tech team any time at [email protected]


People who already love us

"I like GroupAutoPoster for the simple layout, I can just schedule posts to my Fb groups in 2 minutes without any assistance from anyone."

Ileane Gaxiola

Real Estate Agent
"There's simply nothing like GroupAutoPoster! I tried many different tools and desktop softwares, none of them worked for posting to Facebook groups. ✌️ "

Oman Dennis

The Spotted Cougar
"Before I was working 1-2 hours daily on my computer to post to groups near my area to advertise my shop. Now this tool does it for me, Couldn't be happier 🙂 "

Juan Curry

Thrift Auto Parts
"This feature should be an integral part of the Facebook, because it saves so much time! With this tool, I do not have to sit at my computer all day, I hit the post button and go do something else."

Sharonda Glenn

Tam's Stationers

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